Evolve with Sacred Energetics
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A Mentorship for Intermediate and Advanced Seekers to Harness
The Power of the Unseen World
Are you past the spiritual discovery phase and well into the “spiritual seeker because it makes me better” phase?  

Maybe you’re a coach or spiritual teacher or you’re on a hard-core personal spiritual journey or all of the above. 

Regardless, you’re done with the beginner programs that are out there. You’re looking for a deeper exploration of yourself and the spiritual world, and you’re looking to add to your own spiritual toolbox for use with your (eventual) clients.

The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School is a comprehensive educational and spiritual path without a religious context, so it can be easily married with most spiritual practices and programs.  
This means that whether you are a Tantra educator seeking balance to your practice, a Wiccan looking to combine personal growth and magick, an atheist seeking to understand metaphysics, a Christian who wants to explore the mystical, a Kabbalist seeking to clear your inner blocks, or any other religion/non-religion-based practitioner - you’ll likely find this program to be congruent with your existing path.

And, best of all, you don’t have to start all over again.

Most comprehensive programs require you to start at the beginning. We recognize that after all the work you’ve done, starting over seems like a waste of time. And we agree.  

Therefore, we work with you to establish a course of study that will not only build on what you already know but will fill in the gaps of things you missed along the way.

Your journey will begin with a Personal Energy Scan to determine what blocks are currently present in your life and map out the most effective way through those blocks.

From there we will discuss what your spiritual and personal growth goals are - what you're looking to learn, what you're currently working on, and what we feel would best support those goals.

Then we will recommend a course of study and the coach(es) best suited to take you there.  You may work with a single coach as your primary or with multiple coaches over the course of your journey - it all depends on where you're going and what guidance you need.

Want to learn how energy works? Great! We've got stuff on that.  Want to know how energy impacts your business?  Yep, we've got that too.  Want to stop feeling like an impostor?  No problem.  Want to up-level your identity so you can take your business to the next level?  Yes, we've got your back for that transformation.  

Regardless, we will design a custom program just for you that will take you through your blocks quickly and efficiently and guide your forward into your goals.
Once you begin, one of our coaches will do a check on your personal energetic shields and wards (protections on your home and office).  If you don't have these, then the coach will set them up for you and we will add material on how to do this yourself into your course work and then work with you to understand the process and create it for yourself going forward.  Your coach will also set protections for you on the energetic from the moment you sign up.

You’ll also be in a coaching group with others at your level. This means you won’t risk running into your clients - and you can be off duty. So you can do your work within a non-disclosure secured environment without having to worry about how it looks.  

The community you’ll build in this mentorship will give you a place to connect deeply with other more advanced practitioners. Your small group (not more than seven), will meet quarterly to do energetic connection, journey-work, readings, transformation, and healing.

This is a super-charged coaching and energy-work program where you participate in creating your own curriculum.  

Over the course of a year, you will work closely with your coach(es), to deepen your understanding of the energetic world and move through your work on your personal evolution. 
Each month you will have access to two group coaching calls, a sound healing call, a transformational ritual, and a Self-Divination session. Four quarterly retreat weekends will be included in your registration - two transformational retreats and two skill-building workshops.  

On these weekends we will work more deeply with the issues that are up for you and learn new energy and/or physical techniques not easily taught online. It’s a great way to meet your commitment to self-care and personal growth at the same time.

In between your regular coaching calls, you’ll have access to your coaches via Telegram to ask questions and get advice.

Your learning platform will include specific classes that have been curated just for you. As you move through the program, your coursework will continue to be customized to you and your needs in the moment.

Also included in your program are 6 hours of private coaching. These can be fulfilled with any of our staff based on your desires/needs. Need to do some ancestral work? Do a Family Constellation session with Kathy Scheiern or a private ritual with Charlemagne Tremont.  

Need a deep emotional/spiritual healing session or a soul retrieval? Have a Spiritual Alchemy session with Kelle Sparta. Need to unwind a complex block? Double up and do 30 minutes with Kelle and Kathy to break through.

Feel like you're not quite "on"?  Like your energy field isn't where it needs to be?  Reach out to Kelle and she'll give you a tune-up.   Not that you'll need that much because she'll be doing healing work on you every month as part of your program.

Discussion group - there will also be a private discussion group hosted on Telegram that will allow you to connect with the other participants. You can use this for community, collaboration, and connection.  

To Sum Up, You Get:

  • Two 60-minute group coaching calls per month
  • Self Divination Call once a month
  • 6 hours of Private Coaching for the year
  • ​Two Energy Scans - Customized Personal Growth Program Designed Around Your Energy Scan 
  • ​Telegram Access To Your Coaches
  • ​One Transformational Moon Circle Ritual each month
  • ​Energy Protections On You and Your Home (Or we’ll check yours if you have them in place already)
  • ​Energy Monitoring Monthly and Healing Work As Needed
  • ​2 Private Retreats each year (Room and Food included) - One transformational and one skill-building workshop

The ultimate goal of this program will be to:

  • Mentor you through what can be complex energetic shifts into higher levels of consciousness
  • Ensure you have proper protections in place for your energetic work
  • Provide you with a more comprehensive, structured understanding of the energetic realms 
  • ​Help you dig out the more subtle energetic issues holding you back from success, personal evolution, and inner peace
  • ​Provide you with community and a place to belong/feel supported in your journey
  • Fill in the gaps in your education to date so you have a solid foundation on which to grow
  • ​Provide you with a greater sense of confidence in your own abilities and skills 

Meet Our Facilitators

We are a collection of three elders with a wide array of spiritual knowledge spanning collectively over 100 years of study and experience.  

We have collectively over 70 years of facilitating rituals and experiential events. We are here to hold a safe and growthful container for you and your fellow participants.

Kelle Sparta is a transformational shaman, psychic, medium, channel, energy healer, sound healer, empath, and the host of the popular podcast Spirit Sherpa. 
Kelle began her studies at the age of 5 and has done extensive work for at least 20 years each in the areas of personal growth, magick, energy healing, psychic abilities, occult and ritual studies, money, and business. Kelle has been facilitating rituals since 1998 and has been professionally coaching since 1996. Her engineer brain combined with her strong intuitive skills allows Kelle to map the unseen world and explain it in ways that make it easy to understand. 

Kelle has been featured on Sense of Soul Podcast, The Wealthy Healer Summit, and Thrive Global Magazine.  She has written for Elephant Journal, Medium, and The Good Men Project.  She has been invited to contribute to the following books:  25 Rituals for Sacred Living and Business by Joanna Lindenbaum, Feminine Trailblazers by Jan Revell, and The Ultimate Guide to Healing - Volume 5 by Laura DiFranco.

Kelle has spoken at Zest Fest, The Belly and Womb Conference, SoulTreat, and countless other events.  

Feedspot listed her podcast, Spirit Sherpa as one of the Top 25 podcasts to listen to in 2021.
Kathy Scheiern, Ph.D. is a transformational shaman who has been studying and practicing for over 30 years.
Kathy is a Certified Family and Organizational Constellation facilitator and has extensive training in Structural Constellation work with over 20 years of experience in Family and Organization Constellations. She is one of the earliest trained practitioners in the US. Kathy was the publisher of one of the premier magical magazines of its time, Mezlim. This magazine included some of the top writers in the field; and entire collections of the magazine can be found on file in Duke University and the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Kathy was also one of the founders of LumensGate, a transformational retreat event that was known for being the place where other facilitators came to do their own work. She and the team ran this event for 18 years.

Kathy’s Ph.D. dissertation was entitled Transformational Dynamics. It was a seminal work in the field of transformational ritual. She combined a study of organizational transformation, theater anthropology, Western esoteric studies, and psychology/psychotherapy to create and prove a model that creates lasting transformation in groups using ritual. Our transformational retreats are designed using Kathy’s proven model. 

Charlemagne Tremont is an astrologer, herbalist, aromatherapist, Yoga Nidra instructor, Alexander Technique practitioner, spiritual teacher,
and master ritualist.

She is a true seeker with depths of knowledge on a wide variety of esoteric subjects including:

Enochian Magick
The Golden Dawn and the OTO
Tantra (the full spiritual practice)
Kitchen Witching
And more...

Charlemagne is the founder and leader of In The Lap of The Goddess - a spiritual community that has thrived for over a decade.

She has appeared many times on the Spirit Sherpa podcast to share her wisdom. She has been studying for over 30 years and facilitating rituals for almost as long.  

Step into this amazing transformational container with well-established elders to mentor you through to your next evolutionary level.